Some people will try and turn
you into your darkest version
so that you merge with their



I sit and wait does an angel contemplate my fate and does it know that I am leaving but the fighter still remains. Though night has fallen down through the darkness and the shadow I will still go on, for I am a little light that never ceases to shine. They say not all who wander are lost, I am a wandering soul within this world to grow. To me tears come uncalled for there is pain in my heart, look into my eyes that’s where my demons hide. Yes, it’s true there is a beast inside me but I guess it’s also true that the dark threads are as needful in the weaver’s skilful hand. So does it make me a rebel “trying to reach the things that i cant see” and am I wrong when I shout “we don’t need no thought control” because I have a fire in my soul and I am ready for war! I know whoever treasures freedom like a swallow must learn to fly. I have been told that salvation lets your wings unfold and so when I know the time is right for me i’ll cross the stream for I have a dream.  I am aware its shot in the dark but I will make it, you can throw your sticks and stones your bombs and your blows but you will never break my soul. For tonight I am young, so i’ll set the world on fire, I can burn brighter than the sun. I am a sky full of stars give me some sunshine give me some rays and I will transform into the newborn day. You may say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one and yes you may call me naive when I think to myself what a wonderful world. But be warned I am a rolling stone and if you dance with me in the rain you to will think the same.