A little boy i knew

There was this little boy i knew 

who was an open book 

and yet a mystery too.

He had deep enchanting playful eyes 

with a rare innocent sparkle like stars in the night sky.

There was this little boy i knew 

who was like the ocean

and also like the dew.

He had a clumsy awkward smile 

that never failed to inspire like an ink spill that created a picture.

There was this little boy i knew 

who was a lion 

and yet a butterfly too. 

He had a pure and just heart 

with a bubbly naughty coat like ripples in a still silent pool.

There was this little boy i knew 

who was like the sun 

and also like the moon. 

He had a fiery uninhibited laughter 

that carried a musical softness like water waves dancing along rocks.

There was this little boy i knew 

who was a novel 

and yet a poem too.

He had a kind sincere soul which only spoke the truth 

with a refreshing idealism like a baby just out of the womb. 

There was this little boy i knew 

who was like the unfolding universe 

and also like the dust 

He had a great destiny a noble purpose

that anyone who saw into his eyes felt like a prophecy was being read.

With great dismay i must admit 

it has been a while since i have seen him.

Everyday as i stare into the clear waters of a lake 

i wait for him on the other side 

hoping that he will once again show himself 

and this time never leave my side. 



I wish to be a river.

Meandering through dark woods and sunny bright gardens.

Absorbing and observing every facet of my endless travel.

I would be a silent container of secrets and dreams forgotten.

A memoir of stories that were never printed.

The tales of magical places and mysterious people.

I wish to  be a river.

Winding past wild forests and lonely cities.

Flowing through chapters of history.

Witnessing the rise and fall of empires.

The disintegration  of armies.

Seeing cultures die and new ones born.

The blood of thousands would forever run within me and so would the echo of their faint laughter.

On melancholy evenings I would be the promise of a merriment future.

I A river  running forever to infinity.

A watchful companion of time.

A confidant of all his secrets.

The Lie

Life asked a simple question
That changed everything
It left me with insomnia
Like it had done to many of its victims.
I cursed myself for wondering
But I couldn’t bring a change
The question was a bloody lure
Trapping men and women in meaningless thinking.
The questions answer I never truly found
But I fed life a lie
For I couldn’t let my guard down.
I shouted a confident yes
And I think it sounded good
As it created such a deep illusion
That even life could not see the truth.
Not a single man seemed to have heard
the doubt that tailed the yes.
After all it was a shaky mellow whisper
Easily overpowered by the people’s beloved scream.



The universe may be an illusion
and what we see only our perception.
It might just be a reflection of the world in the mirror
or a parallel universe.
Our choices may be pre-decided
and all we our doing is existing.
Is it a dream knitted in gods deepest sleep?
Truthfully we do not know.
But maybe its best like that?
Somethings are better as mysteries.
Wouldn’t life lose its charm
our brain its power to think,if we knew everything.
Thus i have come to believe We are made to wonder
and wonders are made to never end.


Don’t make your mind a cage
or a fortress where nothing enters or leaves.
Let it run like a river
where the soil absorbs and the rest go’s on.
We are so scared of change
that we forget to us it’s so natural.
Every time we see or learn something
we are changing both physically and mentally.
Our brain is changing its form
along with our thoughts, views and opinions.
It’s tough to relate to the person i was a year or even a month back
for now i am such a different person.
My outlook on life seems to have changed
look around life is but a stage.


An eye is a mystery unintelligible and unique.
It appears to show everything yet nothing.
The eye is often known as the window to the soul.
Its a reflection of within and without.
That twinkle in the eye reveals so much.
From a persons emotions to ones character.
It is capable to cause love at first sight.
And the slightest movement of the eye can convey infinite messages.
Not only does it reveal the inside.
It captures and reflects the outside.
In another’s eye one can see there own emotion.
As well as quite literally see the world.
The eye is also a great actor.
It can put up such a facade that no one can see through.
In a moment of pain it can put up a convincing smile.
Indeed the eye is truly mysterious.
So mesmerizing that one may get lost in it.
So deep that it can leave the person forever thinking….


One day the moon will not shine,
the sky will not glow.
The water will not quench,
and the soil wont grow.

One day the flowers wont blossom,
the leaves will not rustle.
The butterfly wont flutter
and the song of the birds will no longer hum.

Mother natures tear as it trickles down her throat,
will create the largest floud the world had ever known.
Her body as it trembles,
will cause the earth to roar.
Her deep breathes,
will make the winds blow lie never before.
And after all of this when she finally falls asleep,
the earth we call home will no longer be.