10 Socially Responsible, Green Innovations that can change the World


The Environment is arguably one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Today all life on earth is threatened with extinction as climate change, deforestation, and carbon emission lay waste to our planet. The world now, more than ever before demands change, and there is no time left to waste. To quote Albert Einstein “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. The future only has space for inventions that are socially responsible at heart and innovative in nature. Here are 10 eco-friendly inventions that that redefine the word Innovative.

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World Music Day


Music is a universal language that transcends beyond the very things that divide man. Race, nationality, language, gender, and class all lose their significance in front of music’s graceful dance. After all, music speaks directly to the soul and thus she has the power to weave connections that the mind never could. Every year on the summer solstice day as the bright sun illuminates the sky, the world comes together to celebrate music in all her splendour and grace.

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Ooho edible water bubbles!

Water you can eat

Ooho is a small, circular, bubble-shaped membrane, with a small volume of water enclosed inside it. The membrane is made from brown algae and calcium chloride and is thus both sustainable and edible. One can simply poke a hole in the membrane and drink the water or better even just eat the water bubble directly. Ooho is normally tasteless, but both flavours and colours can be added to it. The membrane is biodegradable and takes only four to six weeks to decompose, like a piece of fruit. While primarily for water Ooho can also contain other liquids such as soft drinks and spirits.

I wrote this article for Exhibit Magazine. To read the complete article click here.