There was this hollowness
An emptiness.
Fears source
Lack of substance.
No real weight
yet still somehow dense.
Perhaps a deficit of purpose
Helpless Alone
It felt cold.
Heart so bloody heavy.
Stomach void.
Confusing really…
supposed to fall but
somehow afloat.
Perhaps the inevitability of the fall
Looming and beckoning.
Today or tomorrow. Does it even matter?
Who’s in control?
Anxiously ponders.
Dreary and regretful
The stillness. Daunting.
To nowhere… a race wild.
Lost in circles



I see myself in the woods
hiding in the canopy
staring vacantly
the thick dark foliage
lush green
the red brown bark
old and broken
worn and tired

I see myself on the riverbed
with toes clenched
breathing gently
the cool fresh air
soft bellowing
the smooth cut pebbles
tiny and small
playful and strong

I see myself in the undergrowth
rolling in the soil
smiling unwarily
lost in the movement
utterly raw
the fragile baby roots
innocent and mischievous
bright and venturous

I see myself in the mountains
with eyes closed
silently listening
the stories they tell
willingly lost
the enchanting black rocks
sleek and lustrous
calm and sharp

I see myself in the meadows
running in the fields
laughing ingenuously
the gushing jovial wind
drunkenly faint
the golden sun rays
mellow and warm
young and free

The Sun

The sun doesn’t show his despair

Rather he burns brighter and blinds the eye who dares see him in his reality.

The ethereal rays, angelic and bright

Carry shades of pain hidden among the brazen white light.

That warm glow, hopeful and seemingly strong 

Gently masks the troubled hue from laying upon distant sanguine eyes.

The comforting predictability of his nature 

Innocently forges illusions of efficacy, balance and composure.

Eyes are always gazing, appearances need to be kept.

But nevertheless, Those rare melancholic dusk’s and delicate feeble dawn’s 

are hints, if nothing more. 

10 Socially Responsible, Green Innovations that can change the World


The Environment is arguably one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Today all life on earth is threatened with extinction as climate change, deforestation, and carbon emission lay waste to our planet. The world now, more than ever before demands change, and there is no time left to waste. To quote Albert Einstein “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. The future only has space for inventions that are socially responsible at heart and innovative in nature. Here are 10 eco-friendly inventions that that redefine the word Innovative.

I wrote this article for Exhibit Magazine. To read the complete article Click here.


World Music Day


Music is a universal language that transcends beyond the very things that divide man. Race, nationality, language, gender, and class all lose their significance in front of music’s graceful dance. After all, music speaks directly to the soul and thus she has the power to weave connections that the mind never could. Every year on the summer solstice day as the bright sun illuminates the sky, the world comes together to celebrate music in all her splendour and grace.

I wrote this article for Exhibit Magzine on World Music Day. To read the complete article click here.

Ooho edible water bubbles!

Water you can eat

Ooho is a small, circular, bubble-shaped membrane, with a small volume of water enclosed inside it. The membrane is made from brown algae and calcium chloride and is thus both sustainable and edible. One can simply poke a hole in the membrane and drink the water or better even just eat the water bubble directly. Ooho is normally tasteless, but both flavours and colours can be added to it. The membrane is biodegradable and takes only four to six weeks to decompose, like a piece of fruit. While primarily for water Ooho can also contain other liquids such as soft drinks and spirits.

I wrote this article for Exhibit Magazine. To read the complete article click here.

A little boy i knew

There was this little boy i knew 

who was an open book 

and yet a mystery too.

He had deep enchanting playful eyes 

with a rare innocent sparkle like stars in the night sky.

There was this little boy i knew 

who was like the ocean

and also like the dew.

He had a clumsy awkward smile 

that never failed to inspire like an ink spill that created a picture.

There was this little boy i knew 

who was a lion 

and yet a butterfly too. 

He had a pure and just heart 

with a bubbly naughty coat like ripples in a still silent pool.

There was this little boy i knew 

who was like the sun 

and also like the moon. 

He had a fiery uninhibited laughter 

that carried a musical softness like water waves dancing along rocks.

There was this little boy i knew 

who was a novel 

and yet a poem too.

He had a kind sincere soul which only spoke the truth 

with a refreshing idealism like a baby just out of the womb. 

There was this little boy i knew 

who was like the unfolding universe 

and also like the dust 

He had a great destiny a noble purpose

that anyone who saw into his eyes felt like a prophecy was being read.

With great dismay i must admit 

it has been a while since i have seen him.

Everyday as i stare into the clear waters of a lake 

i wait for him on the other side 

hoping that he will once again show himself 

and this time never leave my side.