I see myself in the woods
hiding in the canopy
staring vacantly
the thick dark foliage
lush green
the red brown bark
old and broken
worn and tired

I see myself on the riverbed
with toes clenched
breathing gently
the cool fresh air
soft bellowing
the smooth cut pebbles
tiny and small
playful and strong

I see myself in the undergrowth
rolling in the soil
smiling unwarily
lost in the movement
utterly raw
the fragile baby roots
innocent and mischievous
bright and venturous

I see myself in the mountains
with eyes closed
silently listening
the stories they tell
willingly lost
the enchanting black rocks
sleek and lustrous
calm and sharp

I see myself in the meadows
running in the fields
laughing ingenuously
the gushing jovial wind
drunkenly faint
the golden sun rays
mellow and warm
young and free