The miracle of life began 4 billion years ago on our planet which was just a chaos of fire filled with carbon dioxide and water vapour yet due to its perfect balance it could store water in liquid form.Thus allowing it to give birth to life.The first form of life was Archaebacteria and Cyanobacteria.Cyanobacteria transformed our atmosphere.They are the ancestors of every life form. They have changed the very face of our planet.Our planet now has a very rich biodiversity where every life form has a role in maintaining a balance, a balance which is very fragile. We homo sapiens are a species which are just a few ten thousand years old, we benefit from this billion-year-old legacy. Our actions have had an impact on all life forms on this planet. We have inhabited every habitat available. we are destroying the cycle of life. We are parasites to the very food chain that feeds every living creature of our planet. Are excessive exploitation of resources through fishing, poaching, mining etc have caused a serious depletion in are resources some of which are irreversible like fossil fuels which take millions of years to be created. Three-quarters of our fishing grounds are in dangerous decline. Species are dying out of rhythm thousand times faster than the natural rate 1/4 mammals 1/8 birds and 1/3 amphibians are threatened with extinction. our various ecosystems have been seriously harmed for example 30 percent of are coral reefs have disappeared Through the emissions of greenhouse gases, we have reshaped the climate on earth. The average temperature since the last 15 years is the highest ever recorded. This is causing a rapid melt in are glaciers causing a drastic increase in sea levels. Since the 1950’s we have fundamentally altered the world more than in are thousands of years of existence.Our population has tripled in the last 70 years. Our own species suffer serious injustice The gap between the rich and the poor is constantly growing. 1/6 of every human lacks basic necessities such as water and sanitization. 1 billion people have no axis to safe drinking water,5000000 a day die due to the lack of clean water.It is quite shocking to know that 20 percent of the world’s population consumes 80 percent of its resources. We must take action lets promote afforestation and organic farming, reduce carbon footprint, spread awareness on sanitation and hygiene, facilitate education and medical assistance otherwise the way we are heading the fate of our planet and all life on it is in grave danger. We are the only ones who can change the fate of our planet WE HOMOSAPIENS WISE HUMANS.



One day the moon will not shine,
the sky will not glow.
The water will not quench,
and the soil wont grow.

One day the flowers wont blossom,
the leaves will not rustle.
The butterfly wont flutter
and the song of the birds will no longer hum.

Mother natures tear as it trickles down her throat,
will create the largest floud the world had ever known.
Her body as it trembles,
will cause the earth to roar.
Her deep breathes,
will make the winds blow lie never before.
And after all of this when she finally falls asleep,
the earth we call home will no longer be.