On a cold winter day a small little fire.
In dark room a dim candle flame.
In the vast sky a small bird flying.
In a million thorns a red rose blooming.
On a withered autumn tree a fresh green leaf.
On a rainy day a single ray of sunlight.
In many straight a line a line curved.
In chapters of the past a word about the present.



The dark night contorted and long ,
is the coming of dawn beauty and hope .
The fresh day radiant warm and comforting ,
soon its is to grow into the long lost night .
Everything cannot be seen in black and white .
Its all about perspective my friend perspective.
For all the time gone there is more to come .
For every end there is a new start .
Beneath every mountain there is a valley .
The significance of light is only because of darkness .
Once again life is all about perspective my friend .
Its all about the way you choose to see it .