Drowsy yet so exited
Early in the morning
The sky has a new feel
Something exhilarating
A lighter feel in the atmosphere
While the sky yet dark
The stars and the moon
Shining with the same vigour
But with a new feel
Sipping hot chocolate
In the cold morning sky
Feels perfect
Like the pale autumn leaves
Becoming green again
The sun below the horizon
Ready to rise again
It feels warmer
Even though the sun has risen just in the distance
Not effecting the temperature
The warm rays
Enough to fill my heart
The beautiful silver stars
Seemed to be running out of light
And soon disappeared
My thoughts were away from the setting stars
But on the beautiful
Heart warming ray of the sun
Happily I greeted the morning sky
knowing this morning I would cherish for life



Joy and hugs in a spirit of fun.

Ginger bread man to home has come.

On the xmas tree hanging trinketing bells.

Sweet candy canes come in a reindeer sledge.

gifts and presents all stacked in a line.

Under the tree that causes evergreen joy.

A huge red sock on the window hangs.

With the whistle of the wind and drizzle of the snow.

The city is dressed in red and green.

While families together have cookies and cream.


I am far away yet so close
thousands of light years away yet seeing me people feel at home.
Seeing me they loose there pain
for I reflect to them there happy past.

When they are sad they talk to me
and I smile at them cause that’s all they need.
A willing companion to here there thoughts
to play with them hide and seek.

I would lead them when they are lost
I would be a friend of all.
A friend that would never leave
a friend to share there happiness and grief.


alas the wind again brushes me gently

oh what a serine feeling to be one with the green .

Like a bird lying in its nest surrounded by mother natures arm

oh how it feels to be free like a bird chirping and singing.

He chirps peacefully with no one to judge him

so free to laugh with the winds lying in her arms.

Thoughtless speechless, what peace serenity

the feeling of ones love with a small smile on his cheek.

So open so wonderful, he feels abundance and gratitude

he feels as if the world is all he needs.

Faraway yet he feels closer than ever

he is ready to pull down his wall and embrace each leaf and the soil.

His heart as open as the sky

within he thinks is this inner peace.


Let the calmness of the sea fill my heart
May I shine like the sun above or bloom like a flower
Let me reach to the stars
Fill me with the strength and courage to live for the right
May I get inner peace
Let me be an instrument of the divine