Reach to the stars
or fly above the horizon
How wonderful it would be to talk to animals
or make plants and trees grow on your will
Oh what fun to have magical powers
and to control the wind and rain on your will



Bounded jailed broken
the inside of ones being
Despite all this a struggle
to see light and eternity

Frustrated given up
in the heart it feels
Yet a thrive for identity
because somewhere in the soul lies a feeling to be free

To fly above the mountains
to swim through the sea
No one to question
ones right to be free


A sense of vibration,
A sentiment of warmth,
A thought of comfort,
In a lonely swamp.
The smell of companionship,
The feel of strength,
The presence of courage
In a labyrinth unknown
A ray of hope
A sigh of relief
A sign of life
On a blood covered road

This poem came to me when I thought what life could mean.life as in living things,then i felt that that however dark the time what the presence of life would make me feel and i wrote this poem. 🙂